About The School

Mission Statement

The Clinton High School community fosters a commitment to high standards at all T.I.M.E.S. (Teach, Inspire, Motivate, Empower,Support)

 History of Clinton High School

1903     Clinton High School, which began as an academy, was built on the site of the present Clinton Elementary School. 

1916-17      The first basketball teams, both boys and girls,  were formed at Clinton High School. The teams played on an outdoor court. 
1923-24     The first football team was organized at Clinton High School.
The team was known as the"Tornadoes."
1927     A new high school, consolidating CHS with several county schools, was opened on the present site of Clinton Middle School. 
Student enrollment was 106.
The new facility included a gym and an auditorium.
1954     Clinton High School first became a member of the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges.  Student enrollment had increased to 639.
1956     After a 1954 Supreme Court ruling, Clinton High School became the 1st public school in Tennessee to be integrated.  Outside activists came to Clinton creating turmoil and chaos, not only for the school, but for the community.  
1958     On Sunday, October 5, the school was blown apart by three massive explosions.
1958-60     CHS students were transported to Oak Ridge to continue classes  while the school was rebuilt.  Linden Elementary School briefly became Clinton High School. Disaster was overcome,  activities continued , and the CHS spirit survived.
1963     Plans were presented to consolidate several elementary schools, create 2 junior high schools, and construct a new Clinton Senior High School for grades 10-12.  
1968-69     Clinton Senior High School was completed


The new facility was designed around the concepts of "team teaching" and "modular scheduling."
1977     Vocational programs were offered to CSHS students as the Anderson County Center of Occupational Development was opened.  
1983     CSHS was closed during the spring for asbestos removal. Classes were held at Clinton Junior High School on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
1989     A new addition which included a library, science labs, a cafeteria, and several new classrooms was opened.  The 9th grade was moved to CSHS which again became Clinton High School.  Clinton Junior High School  and Norwood Junior High School became middle schools.  
1993     A new wing consisting of 18 classrooms was added , and the gym and Little Theater were renovated.  
2003  100th Birthday Celebration  
1902-1903 S. D. McMurray
1903-1904 R. P. Driskill
1906-1907 Milton Greene Walker
1907-1909 R. H. Lankford
1909-1911 John A. Miller
1911-1913 James N. Crowder
1913-1917 R. A. Moser
1917-1918 W. H.  Miller & J. M. Wallace
1918-1920 Walter Foster
1920-1923 Curtis Gentry
1923-1925 C. C. Justice
1925-1927 A. H. Graybeal
1927-1931 Alger L. Fox
1931-1934 Rutherford B. Wallace
1934-1937 Ernest V. Hendrix
1937-1944 Harry L. Owen
1944-1957 David Brittain, Jr.
1957-1968 William Dudley Human
1968-1969 George M. Perry
1969-1975 James B. Williams
1975-1995 Tony Hale
1995-1997 Robert McCracken
1997-2004 Tom Heffern
2004-2010  Linda Davis 
2010-2016  Eric Snider 
2016-present Caleb Tipton